Land’s End waterfront homes in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood offer a very unique experience. The micro neighborhood of Land’s End is a beautiful corner of Seattle’s prime Magnolia neighborhood.

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Land’s End Waterfront Homes Offer a Unique Northwest living experience…

Perched on the Northeast tip of Magnolia’s Lawton Park just East of Lawton Wood, Land’s End is a great place to find unique Seattle water view homes and beautiful Magnolia waterfront property.

Land’s End Real Estate Stats/ Magnolia Real Estate in Seattle

Currently there are four Land’s End homes for sale – two are Lands End waterfront homes and two are Land’s end view homes. These Land’s End properties for sale range in price from $650,000 to $1,990,000.  

Land’s End Real Estate is few and far between because it is such a small neighborhood, but Magnolia has proven to be a great investment and Land’s End is certainly not excluded from this.  In addition to being in a great overall neighborhood, Land’s End is also adjacent to Discovery Park which is one of Seattle’s crowning jewels as far as parks go.

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